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Westwoodians' Association Committee



There are 16 members who make up the Westwoodians’ Association Committee and who work hard for the benefit of the Association.

If you would like to become a Committee Member, please contact the Secretary at the address below.  As a Committee member, we look for attendance at three meetings a year and at the Annual Reunion, so the time commitment is minimal.  Meetings take place at the School and usually start at 7.00pm.


Adrian Meadows, Headmaster


Victoria Axe  2001


Margaret Hope (Hurn)  1971

Committee Members:

Angie Axe 2014

Hannah Baker (Darby)  2006


Gwen Biddle-Edwards (Hardy)  1956

Ross Cameron – Deputy Headmaster

Micheala Drazek  2013

Hannah Garford (Swales)  2007

Chris King  2019

Julia Lamb (Jelley)  1983

Gemima Snowden (Mackney)  2008

Gillian Mason 2023

Ros Mayle 2017

Patricia Reid  2010


Honorary Members 2023/24                                                                                                                        

Isobel Liddle - Head of School

Ikaheng Pagiwa - Head of School

Zain Ahmed - Westwoodians' Prefect


Secretary and Treasurer

The Peterborough School

Thorpe Road



Tel: 01733 343357



Previous Honorary Members


Isobel Liddle, Ikaheng Pagiwa, Zain Ahmed 2023-24







Sarah Allen, Ben Meadows, Megan Wilkinson 2022-23








Darya Robson & James Bassett 2021-22

(Westwoodian Prefect: Daniel Brockelsby)






Parina Dodhia, Oliver Cobb & Chiara Bellinzona 2020-21


Honorary members 2020
Saranya Das, Thomas Smith & Dyuti Chakraborty 2019-20
Sabrina, Archie & Georgia
Sabrina Wellham, Archie Sootheran & Georgia Varnham 2018-19
Upasana Das Hannah Parker & Ben Dickens
Upasana Das, Hannah Parker & Ben Dickens 2017-18
Honorary Westwoodian Members 2016-17
Natasha Greenfield, Jordan Grinyer & Sophie Leggott 2016-17
Abbie Jessop & Laurie Fisher
Abigail Jessop & Laurie Fisher 2015-16
Hannah Crier & Rachel Senior
Hannah Crier & Rachel Senior 2014-15
Ellie-Rose Fowler & Katie Ivens
Ellie-Rose Fowler & Katie Ivens 2013-14
Serena Ward & Sydney Thomas
Serena Ward & Sydney Thomas 2012-13


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