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The Acorn Rooms

The Acorns rooms provides care and education for 12 children between the ages of approximately 12 months and two years, although this is very flexible depending on each child's needs and stage of development.

The main room provides a variety of mark making, messy and imaginative play activities, along with construction and mathematics. The quiet room has been resourced with sensory lights, materials and toys, where the children can explore the space and experience a different sensory experience. Books are available in every area of the Acorns room, to allow children to freely access them or share them with an adult. The Acorn children have key groups. Each day they spend time with their key people, completing circle times relating to a selection of focused activities such as music, literacy and physical play.

After lunch, the quiet room is cleared to allow the children to rest and sleep in the sensory space. All the children are provided with their own personal sleep mats, which have their photograph and name on.

A member of the Acorn staff is always available to meet and greet you and your child when you arrive at the Nursery and when you collect them at the end of the day. Daily updates are added to Famly throughout the day, including photographs and videos. Children are offered breakfast between 8.00 and 8.45am.

Throughout the day, the children can play in a variety of physical, manipulative, creative and messy play activities. They enjoy a balance of adult and child-initiated play and have extensive access to our outdoor areas in all weather. The Acorns children also use The Peterborough School grounds to go on nature walks and have the opportunity to visit Forest School as well.

Our Acorns children become increasingly independent individuals by putting on their coats and shoes, as well as starting to walk independently down the stairs, they also help to set the activities for the day and the tables for meal times.

To contact us for more information, please complete the Request A Prospectus form or phone the Nursery on 01733 355747.

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