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Nutrition at the Nursery

Upon inspection by the Food Standards Agency in March 2016, our Nursery kitchen received a 5-star rating, of which we are extremely proud.  Our Nursery cook provides quality, nutritious meals each day and we use local producers for our meat, fruit and vegetables.  The children have the following meals provided each day:

  • Breakfast
  • Morning snack
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon snack
  • High tea

In addition, fresh drinking water is available to all of the children at all times. Our meal times are extremely sociable and the children eat in their key groups, and in Pre-school with their buddies. The children all help to serve and cut up their own food, passing the food to each other and discussing what they are eating. Our practitioners sit with the children during meal times and use this as an opportunity to teach the children about healthy eating and its benefits. The children also help to set the tables and clear away after meal times, and good table manners are always high on our agenda.

A vegetarian option is available every day and we cater for all dietary requirements. When our young babies begin weaning, the children's key people will discuss their individual needs with their parents and a tailored weaning menu will be created on a weekly basis, including pureed food such as mango and sweet potato, and introducing finger foods such as pepper sticks and homemade potato wedges.

Our cook runs cookery sessions with our Pre-school children. The children are responsible for measuring and weighing the ingredients and learning basic kitchen safety. They enjoy making pasta salads, cakes, sandwiches and pizzas.

Children in the Toddler Room have also recently introduced weekly cookery sessions with their key people, making their snacks and tea together in small working groups.

We are also delighted to have achieved The Children's Food Trust 'Outstanding Food' award in March 2016. After a thorough inspection from the Children's Food Trust, we were overwhelmed with positive feedback on our food and our children's eating habits. The children have excellent table manners and they are polite, independent and always willing to try new foods.

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