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Foundation Stage: Reception

Rated 'Outstanding' with no recommendations for improvement in the ISI Inspection January 2016


In the Reception Classes, each child is nurtured and stretched to achieve their full potential. Small class sizes mean that teachers get to know their children extremely well and can support them fully through their achievements and challenges.

The curriculum, which is guided by the children’s interests, inspires them in their life-long learning journey. Visitors into School and trips out enrich the curriculum with exciting first hand experiences and stimulating opportunities. Each of the Reception Classes has a full-time teacher who has support from a teaching assistant, with specialist teachers for Physical Education, Food Technology, Spanish and Music and there are regular visits to the School's Chapel. Experienced Early Years staff have a good understanding of how young children learn embracing their different cultures and beliefs.  It is recognised that children learn in different ways and therefore teaching is tailored to individuals’ needs.

The Reception Classes continue the work of the Foundation Stage started in Pre-school, but also provide learning opportunities for those children who are ready to start a more formal school career.  With a careful balance between informality and structure, reading, writing and mathematics are taught in small, differentiated groups. The children start Reception ready to learn as enthusiastic blank pages and move into Year 1 confidently reading, writing and with a good grasp of mathematical concepts.


 Reception pupil police uniform


Children have the opportunity to learn both indoors and out, not only in the outdoor classroom area, but in the Forest School where children can be creative, assess risk, work together and learn about the natural world.  Extracurricular opportunities aim to enrich children’s education and include Sports Club, Ballet and Tennis.

We provide a safe environment which encourages young children to explore, investigate and question, so that they learn using their natural curiosity, enthusiasm and imagination.


Reception with dinosaurs

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