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Extra Curricular Activities

Our Pre-school children have access to an excellent range of extra curricular activities.  On a weekly basis, our Head of Creative Arts conducts a music session with all of the Pre-school, singing songs and exploring an exciting range of instruments. On Wednesdays, the children make use of our stunning new Sports Facility where they divide into their key groups (Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and Orange) for team games, working together to get active alongside their key people.  The children may also attend the following activities in term time for an additional termly charge:

  • Key Sports
  • Ballet lessons
  • French lessons
  • Music lessons

Ballet and Music are taught by our Head of Creative Arts in the School Hall and Pre-school room respectively.  French is taught by our School French teacher in a classroom in the Preparatory School and Key Sports is held in the Sports Hall with a fully trained sports coach.

During the Summer, we hold a Sports Day for the entire Nursery and parents are invited along with siblings and close relatives. This is usually a large and very successful event.

In addition, Pre-school children also take part in a Summer and Christmas Show each year in the School Hall and parents are invited to attend their performances. The children rehearse during Nursery sessions and the older children learn lines in preparation for future school performances.

From April 2016, Pre-school will be taking part in Forest School sessions once a week, where they will learn to work together outdoors in the school's wooded area, building shelters and assessing risks with tree climbing.

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