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Drama lessons here are vibrant and lively; focusing on creating and performing as well as responding to a performance.

Students follow a gradual curriculum where each year builds on the skills developed previously and theatre is created in a wide range of styles.  Solid foundations are laid in each area across the two Key Stages so that by the time students reach GCSE level they are highly competent and have confidence in their performance skills.

During Key Stage 3, students’ creativity evolves from characterisation and devising, with confidence built from group work in physical theatre and performance of monologues.  Working with texts is fundamental to the curriculum and students firstly learn how to take drama from the page to the stage and then further explore different characters and different theatrical practitioners.

The GCSE years build on the skills learnt at Key Stage 3 and extend the knowledge further, ensuring text evaluation, themes and students’ own performances are at the highest level.  In Year 10 we look at the key practitioners in 20th century theatre; those who have shaped theatre as we currently know it, and in Year 11 tasks are focused on performance using different ways of creating theatre in the broadest sense.

Participation is the key word for every student of drama and the extra curricular opportunities which are available in speech & drama allow students to be stretched further and their skills expanded even more.

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