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Additional Information Regarding Fees

Pupils supported by the Head of Individual Learning

Some pupils will benefit from specialist help outside the curriculum with one to one lessons and shared and small group lessons in literacy and maths and assistance with study skills across all subjects.  Additionally, some pupils require assessment for GCSE suitability.  Charges may have to be applied for some or all of the above.


There is a fees refund scheme to cover absence from school due to sickness.  Details can be obtained from the School Accountant.


Fees are due in full on or before the first day of term.

If payment is late, an additional charge of £33.00 per week is payable on the outstanding balance.

Legal costs incurred in the recovery of fees will be added to accounts.

The recognised method of recovery of fees is through a free monthly direct debit scheme administed for the School through a provider.  For direct debit customers, the termly invoice is for information only.  Alternatively fee should be paid via the School's bank account.  Please speak to the School Accountant. 

The Governors will endeavour to give at least one term's notice of a rise in fees.  They reserve a right however, to impose a surcharge at any time in the event of a sudden and unpredictable rise in school running costs.

The Governors may request the withdrawal of a pupil if fees invoices are not paid on time.

A half term's notice, to take effect at the end of a term, is required in writing to discontinue any optional extras.

It is expected that trips and extras will be paid in full through ParentPay or by bank transfer.

Child care vouchers will be accepted to credit fee accounts for early years children and any activity which is outside the core curriculum day eg. Pre and After School care, ballet lessons.  We can also pass these credits to pay for Churchill Activity Camps at the School.

A charge of £10 will be added to accounts for any cheque returned to drawer.

£70 of the entry deposit will be allocated to the Westwoodian Alumni funds, which can be re-credited to a parent on request when a pupil leaves the School.


A full term's notice, (or a term's fees in lieu of notice), must be given by parents or guardians before a pupil is withdrawn for whatever reason or rescind the acceptance of a place offered to a pupil. This notice should be received by the Headmaster in writing, on or before the first day of term.

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