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Rohan Wins Gold In Maths Challenge

Rohan Wins Gold In Maths Challenge

Rohan Khosla in Year 10 has won a Gold Award in the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge and now progresses to the Hamilton International Olympiad.

Congratulations to the 45 students in Years 9, 10 and 11 who took part in the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge, winning 21 awards between them and in particular to Year 10 student, Rohan Khosla, who won Gold and the Best in School Award.  Rohan now proceeds to the Hamilton International Olympiad, qualifying as one of the top 0.8% of the entrants in the UK Maths Challenge.

Michael Tyler, William Marr and Rohit Sunku, all in Year 9, won Silver Awards and now progress to their next round which is the European Kangaroo Competition.  Shweta Mohandas also gained a silver and came out Best in Year 11.

A special mention should go to Diya Banerjee from Year 8 who entered the competition - despite it being aimed at those in Year 9 and above - and who did brilliantly to win a Silver Award.

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