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Happy 𝜋 Day!

Happy 𝜋 Day!

Pupils from across the School celebrated Pi Day with Pie for lunch and reciting as many decimal points of 𝜋 as they could remember!

The School marked Pi Day today by hosting a pie themed lunch for all students, as well as several students demonstrating their memory skills by reciting as many decimal places of Pi as possible. In first place was Oscar, reciting an impressive 420 decimal places from memory. He was awarded a Pi cookie from Mr Meadows and Mrs Silvester as a prize! 

In second place was Nino who recited 200 places, and Sophie came in third place remembering 140 decimals. Congratulations to Ronnie, Srinidhi and Jatin who also took part in the event, memorising 51, 51 and 24 decimal places respectively.   

Pi Day is held annually on March 14th - or in American date structure 3.14 - the first three digits of Pi. 

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