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The Edexcel A Level course presents physics as a living subject which does not know all the answers, but asks all the important questions.  Although this course is excellent in providing the necessary skills and knowledge for students who intend to study physics at a higher level, it also provides pupils whose main interests are in other areas such as engineering or medicine, with stimulating material, which shows the relevance of physics to their area of study.

The course offers a broad vision of physics as it is today, including

  • modern developments in imaging and visualisation 
  • micro-electronics and sensors
  • communication technology and
  • modern developments in design and uses of materials.

In addition, a novel but very simple introduction to the essence of quantum mechanical thinking is introduced.

Employers today actively seek out people who can prove their ability to think logically, understand complex ideas and apply them to the real world, meaning the application of physics is seen in an extremely varied range of careers. 

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