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"Only people who have an acquaintance with the landmarks of change in past societies can plug themselves into debate and discussion about the modern world and its future."

The Edexcel History course will appeal to those with an enquiring mind, an interest in the past and its relevance to current affairs and the ability to communicate their ideas effectively.

Discussion and debate are key elements of the course and it also covers the way the world has developed through the ages.  Students will learn to appreciate diversity and value inheritance and their analytical skills will be greatly improved.

The course includes three papers on the subject of Revolution in Early Modern and Modern Europe, plus a 4,000 word coursework essay.

Students who wish to keep their options open should consider studying A Level History since it is considered to be a useful qualification for a wide range of higher education and career choices, including law, the civil service, business management, social science, broadcasting, the diplomatic service, journalism, politics and publishing.