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Drama and Theatre Studies

Drama and Theatre Studies

This AQA course is attractive to students who enjoy working practically and have a keen interest in theatre. Seeing plays live in a variety of theatrical settings and styles is a requirement of the course. Students study the works of influential directors, designers, theatre companies and playwrights who have made a significant contribution ot theatre practice. Students also explore pivotal plays from Ancient Greece to the present day.

A passion for and interest in performing is a great advantage for success in this course. It is also recommended that students should have developed a level of practical and critical awareness of drama and theatre equivalent to GCSE, but attainment in GCSE Drama is not a requirement.

The course is suitable for students who can work as members of a creative team, who are imaginative, creative and analytical. Students will be required to communicate effectively using drama. This will involve problem solving and the use of appropriate research.

Skills developed through this course are required in fields such as law, education, business and marketing or any career that involves meeting people face to face.

A Level Drama performance