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Business Studies

Business Studies

Business is about analysing and evaluating the decisions that businesses make in the real world and the A Level course encourages students to apply decision-making skills, particularly why the size and scope of a business makes a difference to the action taken. A number of businesses will be studied and all the examinations are based on real businesses and the problems they face.

Students need to have a genuine interest in how businesses in the real world operation. There is a need to be able to use numbers with confidence and to write persuasive arguments.

The course is attractive to students who

  • look at the world and businesses and ask 'why do they do it like that?'
  • enjoy discussing what is going on in the real world
  • wish to develop their communication and numerical skills
  • are not looking for the 'right' answer, but the 'best' answer.

It encourages students to develop a critical understanding of organisations and allows them to demonstrate an understanding of the economical, environmental, ethical and international issues that arise in the processes of business behaviour.

Business students often go on to study for degrees in business management, finance and accounting, human resources, law, philosophy, politics and economics. Business skills, which touch on every part of our modern society, are in high demand worldwide and are often very well paid.